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Performance improvement training and consultancy to create courageous leaders and unlock your team’s true potential.

At G.R.I.T, your organisation’s success is at the heart of everything we do.

Imagine an organisation where we’re all able to realise our full individual and collective potential every day.

Where leaders inspire and motivate us by creating trusting and collaborative relationships.

Where radical candour is not only a pipe dream but a core-value.

Where we all thrive on innovation through continuous deliberate learning.

Where, together, we transform everyday challenges into extraordinary opportunities…

This is what an organisation with GRIT looks like. This is what leaders with GRIT can achieve. And this is where people with GRIT want to work.

We offer bespoke solutions that foster resilient, innovative leaders and dedicated, passionate people who are committed to achieving operational excellence and business brilliance.

Our proven solutions – rooted in the science of human and organisational performance improvement – help enhance performance and create a culture of continuous improvement and empowerment.

Experience a partnership that elevates your capabilities, drives sustainable growth and sets new standards in your industry. We can help your leaders see the unseen, redefine what success looks like and unite your team behind your vision, mission and values.

How we do it

Human & organisational performance improvement experts

Our human and organisational performance (HOP) expertise is at the forefront of our approach. We embed the five principles of HOP into your organisational culture and processes, focusing on the understanding that error is normal, organisational drift is ever-present and that learning from both is vital.

Our human-centric approach isn’t linear; we customise solutions to fit your unique needs, offering training, consultancy, coaching, cultural diagnostics and more.

Unlike generic management consultants or narrow-focused HOP specialists, we offer a comprehensive, tailored pathway to change. We meet your organisation exactly where it is, embarking on a journey of cultural transformation and operational excellence together.

Our purpose

Why you need G.R.I.T.

At G.R.I.T, we stand by our beliefs. It’s how we got our name.

Profitable, efficient and caring organisations make a huge contribution to society, keeping workers and their families safe, secure and healthy, investing in a sustainable future, addressing global issues and benefitting their communities. We’re driven by the belief that everyone has immense potential. It’s our mission to unlock this by developing these attributes in the leaders we work with:

Growth mindset

See the joy and opportunity in helping people, organisations and communities grow through lifelong learning.


Persist. Build a support network, plan for failure, become stronger than we think we need. Push through the hard and never take short cuts to achieve goals and deliverables.


Act in congruence with our values. Deliver the best possible experience for customers, communities and employees.


Seek evolution and adapt to survive.

Featured Course

Investigating Through a HOP Lens - BITESIZE

Our popular ‘Investigating through a HOP Lens’ course now available in bite-size , 2 hour virtual classroom lessons. 

Webinar Series

An Introduction
to HOP

Join our new, free webinar series and find out what HOP is all about from our CEO, Teresa Swinton.

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